Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Time capsule

A while ago, I bought a kit from way back when (1976) at a charity shop. It was completely unopened, never used. I had wanted to try crewel work for a long time, and here was a whole kit. After reassuring everyone I would not in fact be making myself a wildflower party skirt, I tucked it into the cupboard and forgot about it.

The other day, I cracked it open and sorted all the wools and flosses and then the bug bit and I had to get started. I had also bought a beautiful wooden hoop some time back and am finally getting to use it. At $7.99 for the kit, and $1 for the hoop, no massive spending had taken place!

So far I have already learned two new stitches and am curious to see how the rather lurid seventies colours are going to come together. I toyed with the idea of embroidering it all in one colour, but then I decided the poor kit had waited long enough to be made up. And how much more authentic can you get!? It's a big piece and will take a while, but it is always nice to have some needlework to do at night in front of the tv. A sewing machine seems much more of a day time kind of thing to me, I never feel like using at night! I am trying to remain motivated to keep going with my dresden plates, I am almost half way through making the actual plates. But again, that is a long term project! It's a nice as tucking into a huge book that you love and hope will never end. I'm not complaining.

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  1. Are you going to put it in a frame like your father in law suggested? It is going to be very nice and you are doing such a wonderful job on it! You will have to wear it a few times before taking his advice!