Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Still here, still sewing

Just terribly lazy about recording anything...I have finally completed the dresden 'plates' and am powering through appliqueing them onto their background fabric. Most of my delay came from dithering about what to put behind them, but that's where clever, shoot-from-the-hip decision makers like my husband come in. He marched me into my local Fabricville, took one glance at the shelves and picked out teal cotton sheeting, and I scored 6m for $20. What a hard life I lead, with a husband who actually figures stuff like this out for  me all the time!

So here is where we are. I am up to 8 out of 20.  I love love love handwork, and after all the doom and gloom about hand appliqueing these, all I can say is pshaw, it's fun! However, one must have at her disposal chocolate, tea, and netflix. These aren't really optional. I find that watching intense slightly gloomy British dramas seem to work the best at getting that needle (and time) to fly. I absorbed  two seasons of The Forsyte Saga, and immediately ploughed into Daniel Deronda. Another good contender is the new Dallas, which also hits the spot.

However, five and two year olds don't like these shows so I had to call a halt, as I am sure they felt like their summer was swirling away down the toilet. Luckily for me, because I am the most important person in the world (!) the Olympics started and my older son is easily distracted by this kind of thing. Add to that his sudden ability to be able to sew simple stitches on Aida cloth and now he is 'making a quilt' too. It's going to be a sticky little ball of black material before long as it is going everywhere with him.  But you have to give me props for my totally selfish act in teaching him how to sew, and yes of course how non gender specific I have made my chosen sport of needlework appear to an impressionable mind! For he told me last year that only girls made quilts, and I have tried very hard to disabuse him of that notion....

So much as I would love to continue watching Daniel Deronda, I have to remember to consider what summer is really about! And on the very hottest days, almost fantasise for a moment or two about a snowy day, cuddled up inside sewing while big fat flakes of snow swirl out of a bruisy grey sky. No, silly! I am loving my summer and wouldn't wish away a day of it!xx


  1. Sweet! I especially love that Joel is hard at work sewing now too... whilst watching cartoons no less! I can't wait to cuddle with you under the new quilt! ;-)