Sunday, August 19, 2012

Penelope's Web

It's here, it's very wrinkly and a bit wobbly-lined, but I love it. Seeing the quilt top finished and out in the open has been a huge incentive to get the rest of it put together and get it quilted. This is going to involve a heretofore unexplored path for me, as I am going to try and quilt part of it on the machine. Never mind the fact that it is huge and my machine is wittle. I can't wait till the hand quilting part however. Seeing the quilt top completed has made the quilt into some kind of reality, it's not just scraps of material anymore...

husbands and father-in-laws are perfect for quilt display!

The weather was cooler today, and somehow the end of summer is creeping up on us. The big one will be 6 on Tuesday. He told us he is nervous to turn 6 because he wants to be a kid forever. But the call of Grade One beckons him and he is excited to go forward and Learn! The little one is all sunshine again after a few months of tears and shyness. He has figured out that by waving and smiling to old ladies on their balconies as we walk by down the street, he can obtain cookies. They run down and smother him with kisses and ply him with cookies and give him basil leaves to hold. Life is great. Look at those chubby little hands with the fishing rods. Love love love.


  1. Love, Love, Love just about sums up everthing that you do and how we feel about you gorgeous!!!

  2. Your quilt is beautiful! Well done.

    And the boys grow ever more gorgeous and lovable.