Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Little square

I made this little square for a lovely baby who I have been waiting to meet for a long time. He is just past his second birthday, so I wanted to make something with a lot to look at. Originally I planned to make the rectangular borders of the squares as a grey road for him to drive his cars around. Then looking at my blue, I decided on a circus parade instead. The whole idea is that each square is a destination, the house is obviously home, the butterflies are at the museum, there is a forest to have a picnic in, and a park full of ducks. I used the disappearing nine patch pattern and just switched two of the squares.

It's a little light on quilting, probably could have used more but I am still pleased with it.

I started by stitching  "map" lines for him to follow, with destinations, but then decided to leave it at one. Who I am to proscribe the paths he might want to take!?

And if all else fails, it can be put up as a picture somewhere. But any baby that says "Hello flowers" and "Do you like to eat saag?" (to our dog) might just enjoy this little picture book page made out of fabric. Almost as much as we enjoyed his visit.

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  1. Such a talent you are! Can't wait to see your completed quilt...