Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Making Sandwiches

My long suffering husband allowed me to take up the entire apartment with basting my quilt...and my poor children had to tiptoe all the way around the edge while their harridan of a mother rasped "get off the quilt", "get off the quilt" repeatedly...It took me 6 hours to piece the back and get it all pin basted. I am sure this is terribly slow. My husband asked me why I was huffing and puffing so much, but picking up and moving this beast in the tiny space between the rooms in our apartment nearly killed me. I have now quilted four out of twenty squares by hand, with an elaborate structure of rocking chairs and tables holding up the bulk of the quilt. I squirm around to get to each corner of the square. Needless to say I must look a bit crazy, and it's not really going to be heavy on the quilting. The first picture shows the backing I chose and the lovely pink-apricot quilting thread. I think it is going to look nice. The backing material is very soft. I just can't wait for this to be finished and on our bed! 


  1. Just beautiful kitten, just like you!

    Mario xo

  2. Hey Jen
    Just got around to looking through the blog posts properly (how can you tell I'm sposed to be revising) and just wanted to say I love the finished products (The hand quilting is amazing!) so I look forward to seeing the back of this one.
    Such a talent!